Dealing with a Check Engine Light

Seeing a check engine light illuminate on your dashboard is never fun - it can be stressful and worrying wondering exactly what could be wrong. The check engine light is basically your vehicle's way of letting you know that it detects something amiss, and its time for an inspection.  If your check engine light turns on, you may or may not have already been experiencing some strange symptoms with your vehicle. If you have noticed anything, such as strange noises or smells or a lack in performance, be sure to make note of these symptoms. These will be useful when it comes to bringing your vehicle into our shop, because it will help our mechanics better understand the issue.  The only way to really know the source of the problem is to run computer diagnostics on your vehicle. Our shop will use a diagnostic tool which will connect to your vehicle's computer and pull the code that basically caused the light to turn on. This code will indicate what system triggered t ... read more

Common Leaks and What They Indicate

A leak underneath your vehicle can have many different reasons, some more serious than others. If you do happen to notice a leak underneath your vehicle, the best thing is to make note of the color, consistency, and location of the leak. This will help your auto mechanic pinpoint the issue, since a leak can come from many different components.  Here are common car leak colors and what they can indicate: Clear - Clear liquid is just condensation from the air conditioning system, and is nothing to worry about.  Red - Red fluid can indicate a leak of transmission or power steering fluid, caused by a broken transmission seal or a hole in a line between systems.  Pink - Pink fluid usually is power steering fluid or transmission fluid, similar to red.  Orange - Orange can indicate leaking antifreeze or just regular condensation that is rusty from the radiator. Transmission fluid can also look orange if it is old and dirty. Yellow - Yellow fluid can indicate a radiat ... read more

All About Factory Recommended Services

Factory recommended services are something that most car owners have heard, but may not fully understand what they are. The simple explanation is that they are services that your vehicle manufacturer recommends at certain intervals. These recommendations are based on estimations on how long certain components will last and how often certain services will be needed to maintain your vehicle.    These recommendations are based on a number of things, including keeping warranties valid, making sure your vehicle stays reliable on the road, keeping you safe at all times, and helping you protect the overall integrity of your vehicle. These recommended services are also planned out in order to help save you money on repairs over time. That is why it is in your best interest overall to stay current with these services.    If you take a look at your vehicle’s owner’s manual, you will find a list of factory recommended services for your specific vehicle, along with ... read more

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