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Safety Tips for Driving at Night

Not all drivers have perfect vision, and driving in the dark can strain our eyes and make it more difficult to see clearly. If you have trouble driving in the dark - you're not alone! In order to make your journey a safe one, it is important to remember the following safety tips for driving at night:  Dim the lights on your dashboard, if possible. When the lights aren't as bright, they are less of a distraction and will help your eyes better adjust to the darkness.  Look out for deer and other road animals. In the dark, your headlights should reflect off of the eyes of the animals, so you will be able to see two dots before you get too close.  Be sure to have your vision checked regularly. An eye exam is typically recommended every year to make sure that you are wearing the proper eyewear, if needed.  Try to avoid looking at other headlights and bright lights directly, as it will take longer for your eyes to adjust to the road.  Have your headlight ... read more