How Do I Know When I Need A New Car Battery?

A dead battery can lead to frustrations or regrets. You do not wish to miss that important appointment or fail to take your child to take and pick your child from school due to battery issues. While jump-starting could be a temporary solution to your car battery problem, you should monitor the signs to know when your battery needs attention.

Common Signs To Watch Out For:

You do not want to end up wishing you knew sooner when it was due to purchases a new battery. That said, it is time to replace or buy a new battery once you notice the following:

Vehicle Struggling To Start

When the engine takes too long to crank as usual, you should check if your battery needs a replacement. It is unusual when starting your car takes longer than expected. You may hear unusual sounds as you turn the key. When the latter happens, your vehicle requires starting system check and battery replacement before it fails you unexpectedly.

Dashboard Light Indicating Old Battery

The check engine light often appears when there is a problem with the battery. Thankfully, most modern cars often illuminate when the car senses a problem with the battery. This way, you can check for other indicators and replace the battery as soon as possible.

A vehicle sitting too long

You may need to change the battery when your vehicle sits for too long. Remember that a battery has a lifespan- three years- and it may fail you due to old age. Have it checked yearly after it passes the three-year mark to ensure that it can still function properly.

Low Battery Fluid Level

When the battery fluid level goes below the lead plate level, it is time to visit your mechanic for a battery check. Always monitor the fluid levels via the translucent casing.

Battery leaks

Battery leaks may cause battery fluids to drop or even corrosion around the terminals. When this happens, remove the gunk around the cable connection for the car to start as you consider replacing your battery.

The Bottom Line

It remains essential to know the signs you can watch out for before it becomes too late. Therefore, if you need car battery replacement, give our auto repair shop a call today!