How Often Do I Need to Wash My Vehicle?

Your car is a huge (but excellent) investment, which is why some car owners make it a part of their routine to take proper care of their automobiles. Maintaining your vehicle entails everything from auto detailing, brake checks, oil changes, tire rotations, and more. In fact, getting a solid and fresh car wash for your vehicle is just as important too. Some may only wash their car a few times per year, while others only clean it once weekly. The question that most people wonder is how often should they really be washing their vehicle? And is there such a thing as too much?


As a rule of thumb, we recommend you wash your vehicle every two weeks. However, various factors, including the environment you drive, may influence the frequency of needed car washes. If you live in a polluted city, near the salty beach, or have to go through dirt or mud roads every day, then you may need washes more often. Most people think that your car wash experience is limited to the summertime; it's not! The salt on the roads in the winter makes car washes more necessary than ever. On the other hand, if you store your vehicle in a garage or do not drive it daily, you can wash your car less often than 2-weeks.


Don't Forget Waxing & Detailing Too!

When you're trying to protect your investment for the long run, waxing and detailing are professional services that are a great idea to do just that—auto detailing includes "detailed" cleaning, including both the interior and exterior of your car. A professional will take the time to make sure the upholstery, floor mats, console, and general areas of the vehicle are as spotless as possible. The person doing the job will also attempt to remove any stains that are present. 

A wax may or may not be included in your detailing service. But wax is essential to protecting and preserving the quality of your vehicle. The chemical compounds in wax keep the paint protected, make it look shiny, and prevent corrosive substances from damaging your vehicle. 


Again, regular washes, detailing, and waxing helps to protect the investment you've made into your beloved vehicle. Keep your car protected and valuable. For all your automotive needs, please give AC Auto Service Center a call or visit today!