Safe Driving Tips for Older Drivers

Driving is a necessity in every adult's life in this day and age. Even if you are an elder, you still have to run errands, visit family and friends, and remain independent. Unfortunately, driving can be more difficult as you age, so we've created a list of helpful tips to ensure the seniors in our community are safe!

Always buckle up

To avoid a ticket or to risk your safety, please remember to wear your seat belt. This is a must for every driver in the United States, not only seniors. If it is physically restricting you, you can adjust the shoulder mount or add a cushion on the strap.

Avoid tight roads and busy highways. 

These types of roadways are especially tough for most older individuals. If you want to be extra safe, try taking an easier alternative path. It may take longer, but you won't have to do anything you're uncomfortable with.

Consider taking a safety driving course

Refreshing your driving skills is never a bad idea. There's a variety of safety classes available through AARP or your state's DMV.  

Understand your medications 

With age comes more medications. Certain medicines can make you sleepy and affect your attention span and reaction time. Please carefully read the labels on your prescribed drugs before getting behind the wheel.

Keep some sunglasses in the car

Driving during sunrise or sunset can be one of the most challenging driving circumstances. That's why it's always wise to keep a pair of sunglasses in your car at all times.

Keep up with vehicle maintenance

No matter how old you are, you cannot ignore vehicle maintenance. It's best to follow your manufacturer's maintenance schedule as closely as possible to ensure your car stays in good shape. Doing so will prevent breakdowns or complications.


We hope you and your loved ones stay safe on the roads out there. For quality and convenient auto services and repairs, you can count on the AC Auto Service Center team. Please give us a call at (336) 397-4442 or visit our shop today!