Un"lock" the Cause Behind Your Power Lock Failure

No matter where you are and what time of day it is, realizing that there's something wrong with one or more of your power door locks can be frustrating and stressful. It's especially true when you're locked out! We all have places to be. But consider the multiple ways you can open your vehicle's power locks—using a key, using the unlock button inside the car, using keyless entry, and pulling up on the knob on the door itself. There could be multiple problems with any of these mechanisms that open your car door. Here are some of the reasons that may be preventing you from getting into your car:

  • Any problems with the key fob. Sometimes the culprit is in your hand the whole time! Many people worry about the functionality of their doors, not realizing it's the tiny unlocking device that controls it. It can be the battery (which can quickly be resolved with new ones). However, it can also be as complicated as the programming for the key fob.
  • A blown fuse. Fuses in your car may occasionally blow with age and usage. You can easily diagnose this if you notice one of the doors won't unlock while the others can. This problem is relatively easy and inexpensive to fix.
  • Wiring issues. Try pressing the lock switch up or down and then opening and closing the door. If this process shows that it works intermittently, you may be dealing with a broken wire.
  • Frigid temperatures can cause it to freeze. Because car doors are not entirely moisture-proof, icy temperatures may cause the linkage controlling your power locks to freeze.
  • The solenoid needs to be replaced. The solenoid is the mechanism that regulates your door's locking and unlocking functions. It may be damaged and need a replacement.

Power Lock Repairs in Winston Salem, NC

At AC Auto Service Center, we can diagnose and repair your car locks in no time. Your safety and privacy mean a lot to us. If your power door locks aren't working correctly, please do not hesitate to call or visit our team today.