Tire Replacement & Repair at Ac Automotive

One of our most popular services at AC Automotive is tire replacement and repair. Your tires are one of the most underrated components of your vehicle. Most people don't think about them at all until it's time for a wheel alignment or until a tire goes flat. However, your tire system is single-handedly responsible for allowing your car to move. As a fully authorized BFGoodrich Dealer, Michelin Authorized Dealer, and Uniroyal Tire Authorized Dealer we promise to keep you on the road.

BF Goodrich Tire Authorized Dealer

BF Goodrich tires are not only road-tested, but they have also been on every raceway in America. From drag racing to NASCAR to rally racing BF Goodrich has been there. If they can handle extreme speeds, we guarantee they can handle rush hour in Winston Salem. As a BF Goodrich dealer, we can offer you the same high-quality tires they offer their drivers.

Michelin Tire Authorized Dealer

We may not be the Michelin Man, but we do carry his tires. Michelin is known for its innovative travel solutions and quest to combine efficiency with environmentally friendly solutions. The result is a tire that is safe, fuel-saving, and a pleasure to drive. Michelin offers all customers its unique Promise Plan that includes a 30day satisfaction guarantee along with flat tire assistance. We supplement that with our own great customer satisfaction plan because we stand behind every tire we mount.

Uniroyal Tire Authorized Dealer

Uniroyal became a celebrity tire when it launched its legendary Tiger Paw range. During the sixties it was hard to find a muscle car or Pontiac GTO that wasn't equipped with the signature Tiger Paw. The solid reputation of Uniroyal's tires and extreme performance allowed the line to break over into the wider consumer audience. We often install Uniroyal Tiger Paw tires on performance vehicles alongside passenger cars and crossovers.

Fast and HasslefreeTire Repair Services

Wheel Alignment Service

Proper wheel alignment plays a large role in the life of your tires and your vehicle suspension system. Taking the time to have your wheels aligned can mean the difference between tires that last their full lifetime and those that don't. In addition, proper wheel alignment protects your steering system and associated internal components. Unfortunately, cars need routine wheel alignment because of simple road hazards. Potholes, speed bumps, debris in the road and curbs can all knock your wheels out of alignment. If you suspect that your tires are out of alignment, bring your car down to AC Automotive and we will get you back on the right, and much straighter path.

Tire Rotation Service

Proper tire rotation is another way you can ensure you maximize the lifespan of your tires. Rotating your car tires is a great way to make sure that your tires wear evenly. At AC Automotive we perform standard tire rotation service on a regular basis. This means we can have your tires rotated in minutes, not hours. Schedule a time to come down to the shop and we will rotate your tires and have you back out the door quicker than you can settle into our waiting room. While you are here, we will also tighten all lug nuts and check your tire pressure. We treat all our customers like they are friends and family, so expect the full-service experience out of every tire service.