When it comes to our vehicles, we expect the best performance and fuel efficiency possible to get us from A to B every day. After our vehicle has a good amount of miles in its history, your vehicle may not run like it used to. You may have heard the term tune-up before, but might not be exactly sure what it means or entails.

At AC Auto Service Center, we are your destination for a Winston Salem tune-up. A tune-up is basically a way to refresh your vehicle, making it run better and more efficiently. The frequency of when your vehicle needs a tune-up will depend on the make, model, and year of your vehicle. The services needed during a tune-up will also vary greatly depending on your vehicle.

At our Winston Salem tune-up shop, our mechanics are ASE certified and can assist with any performance concerns that you may have with your vehicle. We usually recommend a tune-up if it has been a while since your vehicle last had one, or if your vehicle is a bit older. We typically recommend a tune-up every 30k miles or so.

When you bring your vehicle into AC Auto Service Center, you’ll receive excellent customer service and honest mechanics who will only recommend services that are necessary to the integrity and safety of your vehicle. We also offer our customers an outstanding 3 year or 36,000-mile warranty on qualified repairs so that you can have peace of mind about the work completed on your car.

For a professional Winston Salem tune-up, bring your car into AC Auto Service Center today!